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Alive Mediasoft Require Your Thoughts

Alive Mediasoft is expanding The Pulse, with the next edition having more news, a Hints and Tips section along with a Letters page.

Steven Flowers of Alive Mediasoft has asked Amiga Flame for a bit of help this issue. The problem they have is simple, as they have just opened a Letters section; they need some letters to fill it. Alive Mediasoft would like people to e-mail them with your thoughts, questions and comments on anything either Alive Mediasoft or Amiga related. They would be happy to talk about technical problems, concerns for the future of the Amiga, questions about future releases, stuck on a game and anything else. Steven Flowers also emphasized that Alive Mediasoft “would also be pleased to hear any interesting news from users about what they're up to, maybe a small Amiga event they want us to put in the news section”.

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