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Magazine Rack is a new website devoted to magazines like Amiga Power and CU Amiga which covered all aspects of the platform. The project seeks to provide a useful resource for the Amiga community to look back at these magazines, especially the game reviews and the cover disks.

The project team have been working on the project for over two years, cataloguing the contents of the different magazines and producing thousands of high quality scans. It is an extremely important resource as it has about twenty thousand game reviews as well as cheat pages and previews. If for instance, a gamer wanted to know whether a title was any good, they could consult some of the reviews. It would also appear that cover disks featuring demos and PD software are available which means you can even sample some of the classic software.

This project is vast and although it will take years to complete, with the backing of its dedicated team and the community, Amiga Magazine Rack will be an important website for every user.

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