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Amino Development Buy Amiga

Amino Development has successfully bought Amiga Incorporated for $5 million US Dollars from Gateway, which includes everything but the patents. However, Amino Development has bought a Licence to use these patents.

It will be comforting to know that Amiga Incorporated has been taken over by well-known Amiga supporters who have major plans for the future of the Amiga. Amino Development's President is Bill McEwen, a former employee of Amiga and one of Amiga Flame's former contacts in Amiga when he was their Marketing Guru. Fleecy Moss is back working at Amiga, and Petro Tyschtschenko remains at his post, with it reported recently that he sold a couple of hundred Amiga's at computer show in India.

In Bill McEwen's first speech to the Amiga Community as President of Amiga Incorporated, he explained why Amino Development has bought the Amiga. Bill McEwen reassured Amiga users that although, “Gateway purchased Amiga because of Patents, we purchased Amiga because of the People”. He also explained, “without the people standing behind, developing, creating, purchasing and continuing to believe in the Amiga there never would have been anything for Gateway to purchase. We recognize this, and it is because of you, and what you have continued to accomplish with Amiga that we have purchased the company”.

Amino Development is expected to fold into Amiga Incorporated in the coming days. Their plans for the Amiga are also expected to become clearer soon with an announcement expected on Saturday, 8th of January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with one of their partners to be in attendance.

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