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The waiting game has started, with many in the Amiga Community waiting anxiously for the President of Amiga Incorporated, Bill McEwen to produce his next Executive Update. However, in the last few days, news has been filtering out about developments at Amiga Incorporated.

Bob Scharp, who is running this year's, Amiga 2K show in St. Louis has revealed that one of this years door prizes is an Amiga Development System donated by Amiga Incorporated. This exciting development startled many users with some believing that as the show begins on the 1st of April, it might be a April Fools Joke. However, it has been confirmed and in addition to this, Amiga Incorporated will be hosting a Development Conference at the show. Anyone able to attend should definitely consider attending, for it should be a memorial show.

It has also been revealed that Amiga Incorporated has been on the move, relocating its World Headquarters to Snoqualmie Ridge Business Park. It has been said that they will “occupy 10,100 square feet in a building owned by The Inception Group. Eventually, Amiga will house 70 employees at its headquarters”. Bill McEwen believes that “Snoqualmie Ridge Business Park offers value and unique benefits for Amiga”, adding that “Not many locations provide an environment where you can write code while looking out the window at wildlife and a great view of Mt. Si”. We must hope however, that the view doesn't distract them from finishing the development system in time for Amiga 2K.

Amiga Incorporated has also entered into a significant strategic partnership with long-term Amiga developers and makers of OS3.5, Haage & Partner. This is significant as it highlights the commitment of Amiga Incorporated to ensure “compatibility with the classic software”, with Haage & Partner a capable company to fulfil this need. They are also expected to work on a number of new products for the new Amiga system.

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