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AmigaOS 4 Tour in Bath

Even though there have been a series of Amiga events taking place in the United Kingdom last weekend seen the first AmigaOS 4 on Tour event in the UK. It is fair to say that no other tour event has ever featured so many AmigaOne systems with every user group and company proudly demonstrating the latest beta of AmigaOS 4 on their AmigaOne.

Alan Redhouse of Eyetech, once again impressed visitors showing off two Micro AmigaOne's one mounted in a DVD case and the other running Linux. He would not speculate on when the new systems would become available to Amiga users but did point out that he intended do as many revisions to the board as needed. Alan Redhouse emphasized to visitors that he wanted the new AmigaOne to be expandable and customisable.

The latest version of AmigaOS 4 attracted the interest of many visitors especially as Quake2 was for the first time running on the system. Darren Glenn, who beta-tested Quake 2 when it was released for the classic Amiga said, “I can tell you it was running a heck of a lot faster on the AmigaOne, and the OS isn't completely finished yet, it will rock when it is!” Users also liked what they seen of the operating system itself, for instance Mike Bouma made the comment, “I was actually quite a bit surprised by how responsive the system already is considering the version of AmigaOS 4 shown did not yet use a PPC native version of the graphics.library nor did the OS use the full speed UDMA ide drivers which are still under development”.

Although no figures for the tour event have been released it is believed that the event attracted around a hundred people. For those people who missed the event it is likely that a video of Alan Redhouse's presentation will be made available soon.

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