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Amiga Inc and Microsoft

Amiga Inc will be at the Embedded Systems Show in San Francisco, CA, from the 12th to the 15th of March. The Embedded Systems Show is a huge event, which attracts companies, developers and technical minded users.

The most interesting aspect of the announcement made by Bill McEwen about their attendance is the fact that Amiga Inc will be at the Microsoft booth, which will showcase the latest in embedded technology, tools and services. According to Gary Peake, Amiga Inc will demo the Amiga DE and some of the developer applications.

There has been a mixed reaction from Amiga users. Some users believe that Amiga Inc's presence at the Microsoft booth will give Amiga the visibility they need, while other users are concerned by Microsoft's interest in the Amiga. One Amiga user on stated, “Microsoft does not partner. Microsoft assimilates”.

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