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Amigans Officially Launched

A new website known as Amigans has been officially launched, which focuses specifically on the promotion and support of AmigaOS 4 and beyond.

Amigans delivers news on a daily basis, forums in which to discuss issues, and encourages users to play a full part in the website. They have plans to establish Radio, a section on blogs, and they might run Freeciv off their server.

Amigans is designed to avoid the disruptive and ugly scenes which have marred other websites as users fight over which platform or operating system is better. It should give users a safe heaven in which to properly discuss matters related to their favourite operating system and hopefully encourage developers to contribute to forum topics.

The coverage of developments in the Amiga community appears to be on upward trend which is a positive sign. Amigans has much to offer to ordinary users who want the latest news on the development of AmigaOS 4 and the opportunity to express their views without the hassle of trolls.

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