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Allegro for AmigaOS 4 Delivered

In a significant announcement, Colin Ward has delivered Allegro, a game development library for AmigaOS 4, which should usher in a flurry of causal games and tools. As Allegro was a project inspired by bounty donations, Colin will receive 499 Euros.

The Allegro game development library provides all the key ingredients to create games and other multimedia software on your chosen platform. This exciting development has raised hopes that games produced using this library will in turn become available to Amiga gamers. Titles such as UFO2000, which is inspired by the famous X-COM: UFO Defense game, Zelda Classic, a remake of The Legend of Zelda, and Dune II - The Maker.

Colin Ward, the programmer behind the AmigaOS 4 conversion, has confirmed that the source code will be added to the official Allegro Subversion repository. Although Colin is already working on another project, there are plans for a new version that will give joystick support to games that aren't programmed for it.

Meanwhile, Amiga Bounty has cancelled the bounty for Sputnik after deadlines were missed and communications with the programmer were fraught with difficulties. There are still expectations that a web browser for AmigaOS 4 is on the way with Chris Young porting the CSS capable browser NetSurf, and Jörg Strohmayer working on OWB.

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