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Bounty Launched for Allegro

Johan Samuelsson and Troels Ersking have revealed that they intend to raise a bounty in order to bring Allegro to the Amiga. This game development library provides all the key ingredients to create games and other multimedia software on your chosen platform.

This exciting development has raised hopes that games produced using this library will in turn become available to Amiga gamers once the project has been finished. Titles such as UFO2000, which is inspired by the famous X-COM: UFO Defense game, Zelda Classic, a remake of The Legend of Zelda, Priority: Survive, a real-time strategy game, and Dune II - The Maker. It is apparent that many developers who use this library are inspired by retro titles that were produced for machines such as the Spectrum and Amiga. This game development library could see a flurry of new game releases and help Amiga developers forge closer ties which other creative communities.

There is much more to this game development library for general users as a range of utilities and even demo software is available. For instance, Polygonize! 3D-Editor is a simple tool for 3d-modelling, and Sound Wave Generator is a small software utility that allows you to create sound samples from scratch.

This effort to bring Allegro to the Amiga platform has caught the attention of gamers with the bounty already above 130 Euros. To make a donation to this effort simply visit the Amiga Bounty website.

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