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Alinea Computer Require New Talent

Alinea Computer's debut on the Amiga scene has been widely welcomed as they have delivered Crossfire II, and applications like ANotice 2 and AmiPhoto. This fresh young company is searching for talented individuals who would like to support their projects.

The company needs a software developer who has good or very good knowledge in C or C++ for Amiga as well as experience with the GCC-compiler. Experience in game programming might be an advantage but is not essential. They also require someone for graphic and media design who should have good or very good knowledge in picture manipulation, 3D, or vector graphics. Experience in design for computer games or media design might be an advantage.

Any interested individuals with enough experience and a willingness to work in a team should contact Alinea Computer. You will receive payment but it depends on the quality of your work, of the project and of the result of the work.

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