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Alinea Computer Present New Software

Alinea Computer presented a number of new programs at Classic Computing in Stuttgart, Germany, which took place on the 29th and 30th of September.

AmiWebView 2 is a webcam viewer for AmigaOS 4. With this software it's possible to show and manage web cams with a very user friendly ReAction GUI. AmiWebView has different functions to record web cams and show them on your Workbenchscreen. For example, you can create a time-lapse movie or you can display your current webcam as the workbench background.

Alinearis 2 is a logic game for your AmigaOS 4. Your mission is to remove all the balls from a level. Alinearis 2 provides you with two skill levels, three modes of play and theme support for unlimited customisation. The collection was developed especially for AmigaOS 4 PPC-native, with a demo available from their website.

AmiWebView 2 and Alinearis 2 are available separately via E-Mail for only 5,95 Euros each or pick up the CD versions for 9,95 Euros each.

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