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Alinea Computer: New Company for AmigaOS 4 Software

Alinea Computer is the name of a new German company who intend to develop and distribute applications and games for the new Amiga platform.

On the creative side they offer a number of products such as a memo programme named ANotice 2. It will help you to manage your notes, dates, to-do-lists or other important information. They even offer a photo manager known as AmiPhoto, which can manage up to half a million pictures in 500 albums. It includes direct support of the Amiga OS4.0 datatype-system and so it is possible to use all picture-formats which exist as datatype.

Alinea Computer has also revealed that they are working on an AmigaOS 4 version of Crossfire II. In this 2D shoot'em up you play the role of Karsten, a fighter pilot for the rebels. You will face a wide range of missions from escort, defense to large battles in an armada of ships. It is expected that Crossfire II for AmigaOS 4 will be ready for release in the next few months.

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