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Airsoft Softwair Announce Hollywood for AmigaOne

Airsoft Softwair has confirmed that versions of Hollywood, Hollywood Designer and Malibu are in the works for the AmigaOne. According to the development team they are scheduled for release by the end of March.

Users have positively received this announcement, as Hollywood will allow them to create their own multimedia applications that can range from a simple slideshow to a complex game. According to the developers, “PowerPC native versions of Hollywood will not only result in dramatic speed improvements over the emulated 68k versions but it will also allow all users to create native AmigaOS 4 presentations/ games/ applications with Hollywood”. Malibu will help those users interested in presentation software such as Scala, while Hollywood Designer is an editor for presentations.

Airsoft Softwair have made it clear in their announcement that users don't have to wait until March to purchase the new versions, as they can simply order any of the programs now and the upgrade to the AmigaOS 4 version will be free.

To purchase your copy of Hollywood visit their website at:-

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