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The Neuss Show in Germany has passed with only fragments of information emerging about what Amiga Incorporated and in particular what Amiga President, Bill McEwen had to say at the German show.

Martin Baute of deserves a great deal of praise for his extensive report; it is a report that every Amiga Flame reader should read. One of the most interesting aspects is that Amiga Incorporated may have plans for a “new multimedia desktop, developed and designed by Amiga, even if manufactured by third-party manufacturers”. Amiga Flame would give Amiga Incorporated full backing to any such plans that might come about.

On the gaming front Bill McEwen is said to have revealed that a large Indian company dedicated to developing games is supporting Amiga Incorporated. If anyone has a suspect in mind, then e-mail Amiga Flame.

In related news, there are indications that Tod Nielsen, Vice President of Developer Marketing at Microsoft maybe moving to Amiga Incorporated.

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