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In the past week Amiga Inc have announced two new members of staff, Frank Wilde, the new Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Menon, Vice President of Engineering, responsible for delivering Amiga solutions on a multitude of platforms.

Frank Wilde is a highly experienced and talented individual, with over eighteen years of sales, marketing and business development experience in the computer industry holding key industry positions at IBM, Dell Computer Corporation and Memorex Telex Corporation. Under his leadership, Ravisent Technologies was able to raise $18 million in private funding in June of 1998 and also led the company through the IPO process, taking the company public in July of 1999, raising $61.4 million. His talent and ability has been recognised, for example he has been named to Who's Who in International Business and awarded the Republican National Committee "Businessman of the Year" award for 1999.

Frank Wilde said on his appointment to the Amiga Board, “I had many choices on where I wanted to go next and where the best opportunity for the future was.  Bill McEwen and I had been speaking for many months on business plans and other issues, and after meeting with the team, and viewing the technology and their partners, there was no better choice for me than joining Amiga”.

The new Vice President of Engineering, Sanjay Menon has more than 10 years of development and management experience and is adept at planning and executing development strategies ensuring quality product releases in a timely fashion. His most recent accomplishments were at Microsoft where he spent 5 years in various management positions. One of his responsibilities there included shipping portions of the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine, which was delivered in the Explorer browser. Previous to his experience at Microsoft, Menon was a Lead Developer for Connectsoft Corporation where, among other things, he delivered advanced communication applications and protocols.

Sanjay Menon expressed his desire to work with Amiga developers, stating, “I believe that Amiga is poised to deliver quality solutions across a wide number of market segments that are in growth areas of communication and computing.  I look forward to working with both our Amiga developers and the developers in the Amiga Community who are going to deliver leading edge solutions for numerous different devices”.

In related news, Amiga Inc seems to be looking out for new young talent to add to the Amiga team as Amiga users discovered that Amiga Inc are listed as an exhibitor for a Careers Fair at the University of Washington. The Fair will be held next year on the 11th of April.

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