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Amiga DE Christmas Offers

Amiga Inc has announced some Christmas offers for Amiga DE Player Customers and for those customers who have not yet purchased the Amiga DE Player.

Customers who have not purchased the Amiga DE Player will receive a free Amiga DE Player for the platform of their choice (Linux or Windows) with the purchase of participating, regularly priced applications through the Amiga DE Shop. The purchase of one of the following applications qualifies you for a free Amiga DE Player for new Amiga DE Customers - Art Avenue 1 & 2, Tikino, Memory, Gobbler, Solitaire, Last in Line, Blobula, Planet Zed, Convex, Gems, or RDToy.

Existing Amiga DE Player Customers during the Christmas offer will receive a 10% discount on participating applications purchased through the Amiga DE Shop. Those developers those games are on offer include Kaliko, Gabriel Hauber, Pagan Games, Pulsar, and Zeoneo. Gamers will be pleased that Planet Zed is currently included in the sale.

Amiga Inc also emphasized in their statement that Amiga DE Players for other hardware and software platforms such as the Sharp Zaurus series of PDAs are scheduled for release in the upcoming months.

In related news, Amiga Inc and the Tao Group opened the Tao Group intent Development Portal for the Sharp SL-5000D device. The purpose of this portal is to assist developers in programming software games and applications for this new Sharp PDA. In particular Amiga Inc and the Tao Group encourage developers to register as a Tao-Amiga developer and to utilize all of the services offered.

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