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News from Amiga Inc and Blittersoft

Amiga Inc has announced the release of their Software Developer Kit for Windows. This piece of Kit provides according to Amiga Inc, “the initial tools and examples for developers to create applications that can run on desktops, information appliances, set top boxes, PDAs, and game systems without modification. Amiga uses Virtual Processor (VP) technology to erase the boundaries that separate different hardware architectures. Once a program is written, the same binary will run on every platform that Amiga supports”. Matt Fontenot, Product Manger at Amiga Inc expressed the significant of this development for developers, as “Amiga SDK for Windows is an opportunity to deliver a development environment to a large community that creates applications and for that community to deliver applications to different markets with no additional development costs”.

In related news, feature details have been announced about the new Amiga OS3.9 currently being worked on by Haage & Partner. It will include Multimedia programs (MP3 player, AVI & QT player, new CD player), Web browser AWEB 3.4 SE (new version), GENESIS (full Internet and network access), AmiDOCK (new program start bar), WarpOS 5.0 (new version), IomegaTools (for Zip and Jaz), new powerful Shell (with extensive prefs), automatic datatype recognition, integrated unpacker (lha, lzx, dms, zip...), fast search (search for and in files), new picture datatype (PPC-optimised), many new Tools (ASLPrefs, new Info requester, new watch, font cache, new colour wheel, etc.) and extensive HTML documentation (in English and German).

Blittersoft is adding more games to its Christmas line-up with an exclusive deal sealed allowing Blittersoft to distribute strategy game, Exodus – The Last War. In addition to this news is an announcement by Blittersoft that Bubble Heroes is now shipping.

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