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Amiga Packs Available Across the US

It has been confirmed by various sources that two Amiga Game packs for PocketPC are now available from CompUSA stores. Hopefully the packs will become available in other countries soon, one PocketPC user stated on Pocket Gamer, “Looks like a good deal, does anyone know if you can get these in Canada yet?”

The first Pack includes Planet Zed, voted Best AmigaDE Game by Amiga Flame readers, Convex, Solitaire, and Gobbler. The second pack features two games already mentioned on Amiga Flame namely Crossword Evolution and Blobula but also two new games. Word Search is a Classic Word Search while Lexical IQ is a puzzle game.

GetBoinged has awarded the second Amiga Game Pack, 4 1/2 out of 5 recommending the pack especially to those users interested in word/mind games, while Quantum Leap gave it 85%. For comprehensive reviews visit GetBoinged and Quantum Leap.

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