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Latest Issue of Amiga Future ships

The latest issue of Amiga Future has been shipped to subscribers and is available to purchase directly from their offices or your nearest Amiga dealer.

In this issue, there is a comprehensive review of the recent version of AmigaOS 4.1, Sam PowerPC hardware, along with Netpanzers, AmiCygnix, and AISS. More importantly, there are interviews with Claus Desler, the author of Cinnamon Writer, and Gareth Murfin, a games programmer who worked on Ultimate Gloom for the Amiga and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the Playstation 2.

Meanwhile, Amiga Future has published the second beta of the Amiga Software Database (ASD) on their homepage. The ASD is a database in English and German which will include complete information to all released applications, CD-ROMs, literature and much more for the Amiga. To complete the database and so preserve a piece of the history of the Amiga platform, Amiga Future needs your help.

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