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Amiga Future Offer

This month Amiga Future have tabled a special offer as those gamers who are willing to pay 94,00 Euros will receive a one-year subscription (with cover CD) and a copy of Tales of Tamar.

Tales of Tamar, was released over a year ago but has proved to be a popular a turn based internet-strategy game. It picks up on the concept of games such as Civilisation and further expands them into what has become the giant online world of Tamar. In Tales of Tamar you live in a world far away from our civilization, comparable to the Middle Ages. In this world there exists man, dwarves, dragons and a lot of other races. There is magic, there are druids and dungeons. You can fight, trade, investigate, build cities, raise taxes and make peace treaties. Your aim is to control your empire and to survive against other real opponents.

The Amiga Future special offer should tempt you to treat yourself and remember that this offer will only last to the end of the month.

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