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Amiga Future Interview with Paolo Costabel

When Core Design failed to release The Big Red Adventure for the Amiga, Power Computing bought the rights and published it in 1997. It was a worthy adventure title for gamers with plenty of humour, atmosphere and creative puzzles, and so it received glowing reviews.

Last month Amiga Future included the full version of The Big Red Adventure on their cover CD which can be ordered from their on-line store. It is also possible for gamers to read on the website an interview, which they conducted with Paolo Costabel, the programmer behind this adventure game. He was also involved in projects like Nippon Safes Inc and Tequila & Boom Boom.

Paolo has fond memories of the platform and makes some interesting observations. He believes, “the machine might be gone, but the spirit is still there. Anybody who doesn't go with the mainstream but chooses the 'right' way to do things is, at heart, an Amigan. Today more than ever there are new and interesting platforms that will never be mainstream but have a lot to offer to computing enthusiasts: whether it is PSP homebrew software or PS2 Linux, every time people write software not for money but for the fun, the Amiga spirit lives on”.

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