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Amiga Forever 6 Released

Cloanto have officially released Amiga Forever 6, one of the best emulation packages for Amiga users.

This new packages includes Amiga ROM and OS files, and so it is possible to run Classic Amiga software on any PC, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux systems. Classic Amiga software compatibility is achieved by means of an Amiga hardware emulation layer and different versions of the original Amiga OS. The Amiga environment in turn relies on host operating system functionality to transparently enable modern features such as up-to-date hardware drivers, virtual memory, and so on.

The package features a few pre-installed applications and games such as Mindwalker, Ports of Call, and Deluxe Galaga. A number of built-in features are available like a web browser, CD audio player and media player. There is some interesting material for Amiga fans for they have included high quality video footage of the New York Launch of the Amiga platform.

There are two editions of Amiga Forever 6, the CD version and the Downloadable version, that can quickly be purchased from the Cloanto website.

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