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Amiga Flame's Christmas Message

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The Amiga Games Market has seen a great deal of change in 1998, for although there was a slight drop in game releases, the quality of those releases was greatly improved with games such as Napalm, Wasted Dreams, T-Zer0, and Wipeout 2097. I am confident that many gamers appreciate the efforts of the various development teams for their work this year, and look forward to seeing future games, building on their previous experience, to continue to produce the best games they can. I particularly look forward to seeing the results of the Top 10 games this year; remember to vote for your favourite.

As we approach the dawn of a new millennium, it is important to look to the future. It seems apparent that the future of the Amiga Games Market is safe as developers continue to make more games, with other games such as Phoenix, Explorer 2260, Claws Of The Devil, Dafel:Bloodline going to be finally ready for release in 2000. They have been a long time in development, and so there are high expectations that we may be in for a few game hits.

The Future: Amino Development has taken over Amiga with the deal done a few days ago. It's probably in all accounts the best New Years Day news that most people in the Amiga Community wanted. I would urge that everyone look upon this buyout as being positive news for Amino Development has two former Amiga employees involved, Bill McEwen and Fleecy Moss. These two individuals I can praise for they were both my contact person with Amiga, and helped drum up support amongst game developers for Amiga's plan under Gateway. In the coming days I will attempt to obtain some sort of clarity to find out more about the terms of the agreement they have come to with Gateway and exactly what they have in store for the future direction of the Amiga.

I would like to wish all of Amiga Flame's readers a Happy New Year.

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