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Amiga Future Cover CD

The latest issue of Amiga Future has been published and is available to order direct from APC&TCP. This issue includes a small gift – a cover CD packed with games and other software.

On the cover CD is full versions of ApanoSin, Conquestador, Erben des Throns, Fools Errand, Labyrinth of Time, Magic Island (untested!), Manager, NewTracker AHI, T-Racer, and The World Of Magic 1 & 2. Over one hundred games for the Commodore 64 have also been included.

One addition which is certain to attract your attention is Breathless, a 3D texture mapped Doom-style game which was released in the late 1990s. It received glowing reviews in the magazines as most gave the title a mark above 90%, with the exception of Amiga Power. In a review by John Haas on AGDB, he described it as being “superb in almost every respect”.

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