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Amiga Inc release FAQ on AA2

Last week's article on AmigaAnywhere 2 highlighted the difficulty in getting firm information on Amiga Inc's flagship product. However, two days after posting the article a Frequently Asked Questions section on AA2 was released and the availability of version 2 to registered Amiga SDA developers was formally announced.

What has been learned from the FAQ section is that AA2 is not an operating system and more importantly “AA2 and the product often referred to as OS5 are entirely separate distinct products”. In fact AmigaOS 5 is to be “a new distributed virtualized operating system (in the true sense of the term operating system) that is also capable of running in a hosted form”. Once completed, AmigaOS 5 will incorporate and support the AA2 API on top of its own APIs to enable future compatibility for existing source code. These comments from the FAQ seem to dispel concerns that AA2 was to be labelled AmigaOS 5.

Although some users welcomed the new openness of Amiga Inc about their product plans there were still technical questions left unanswered about AA2. One developer on Amiga World pointed out that “Amiga desperately needs to release some public information on the SDK. The FAQ may be of interest to members of the community but the site offers virtually no information on the solution and why it might be compelling for developers”. One major roadblock is the non-disclosure agreement that developers have to sign in order to download the software development kit for AA2. It would seem that only Amiga Inc can comment on the technical merits of AA2 rather than the developers that have actually used it to develop products. Gabriel Hauber who is one of few developers to have used AA2, confirmed that, “because of NDAs, etc, I cannot really say anything publically more than what Amiga Inc themselves have said”.

Scepticism in Amiga Inc's plans remains particularly high due to their track record on product development. As Joseph Smith reminded users; “Amiga Development India can't even finish Whackforce. How are a few guys working from home for AI going to blow away Sun or VMware?” If Amiga Inc is to dispel concerns about their capabilities in developing software then it will need AA developers to talk openly about the SDK and their own projects.

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