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Amiga Forever 2005 Released

Cloanto have officially announced that their Amiga emulation package is now available. Fans of the Amiga platform can now return as this package features all the necessary software to allow users to play Amiga content on their PC and MAC OS X.

This package includes Amiga OS 1.3 and 3.X files that make it possible to run Classic Amiga software such as thousands of legally-downloadable games, demos and other Amiga applications on any PC. The new version makes use of XML-based technology to more easily download, install and run Amiga games and demos, more of which are now also included in the package itself.

This popular package is worth the price as it features 20 GB of software, data and videos to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Amiga computer. If you're interested in Amiga Forever 2005 then purchase the on-line version direct from Cloanto.

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