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AEB and Amiga Future Deliver New Content

In last few weeks new content has been added to the websites of Amiga Emulation for Beginners and Amiga Future.

In an exciting development, Richard Brigham officially added two Game collections to Amiga Emulation for Beginners Assassins and Games Galore. Assassins is one of the largest PD (Public Domain) collections around with each disk featuring 6 games and in this collection there is a massive 250 Disks. Games Galore consists of 36 Disks (ADF), which in turn contains a set of PD games with ECS and AGA versions.

The build-up to the launch of the English edition of Amiga Future has seen a flurry of announcements. One announcement which caught my attention is that a number of games have been added to the download section including King of Oil, Knight Challenge, and Scorched Tanks. If you want more retro games then purchase the latest issue of Amiga Future along with the cover CD.

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