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Progress Made on Allegro Port

Last week Amiga Flame highlighted the need for community support behind the various projects which dedicated Amiga users have embarked on. It would seem that one community-backed project has been a success for it has been revealed that Allegro is now running on AmigaOS 4.

The Allegro game development library provides all the key ingredients to create games and other multimedia software on your chosen platform. This exciting development has raised hopes that games produced using this library will in turn become available to Amiga gamers once the project has been finished. Titles such as UFO2000, which is inspired by the famous X-COM: UFO Defense game, Zelda Classic, a remake of The Legend of Zelda, and Dune II - The Maker.

Colin Ward, a key player behind the conversion of Allegro pointed out that “It still needs some work in the optimization department, and to increase the number of games that can be ported it will need some extra libraries to be ported as well”. Over the coming months Allegro will continue to be slowly improved to make it more robust and usable.

This effort was realized due to the donations made by members of the Amiga Community which convinced developers to bring Allegro to AmigaOS 4.

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