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Amiga Emulation for Beginners: Will it Return?

An off-shoot of known as Amiga Emulation for Beginners was designed to assist gamers who wanted to play retro games through emulation. However, just a few months after was shut down the website vanished without warning and to the dismay of many Amiga gamers. However, a posting on a forum has raised hopes that Amiga Emulation for Beginners may make a welcome return following a major revamp.

The posting from the site maintainer dates to the end of January and outlines what he intends to do in order to achieve his goal “to be (in the future) as big and as popular as BTTR”. Over the last few months he has contacted some of the people involved in BTTR and picked up information which should allow the website to offer legal downloads of certain games. The new website will therefore have sections on legal game downloads, wallpapers and themes, beginners guides (In HTML, Word DOC and PDF), emulation downloads, ADF Collections (like Assassins and games Galore), freeware games, applications, and educational content.

If Amiga Emulation for Beginners does make a return it will be an event worth celebrating as this website will hopefully fill the void left by BTTR. Although I would like to air on the side of caution as no further information has been posted on the forum.

If you want to assist the site maintainer or post a message of support, then please visit their forum at:-

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