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Audio Evolution 4 Released

The first commercial software package for the AmigaOne has been released Audio Evolution 4. This audio hard-disk recording and editing software is the creation of Davy Wentzler.

Audio Evolution 4 features time-saving non-linear and non-destructive editing, and offers a wide range of real-time effects, including compression, noise gate, delays, reverb, chorus and 3-band EQ. Whether you put them as inserts on a channel or use them as auxiliaries, the effect parameters are real-time adjustable and can be fully automated. Together with all other mixing parameters, they can even be controlled remotely, using more ergonomic MIDI hardware.

You can order Audio Evolution 4 directly from the distributor Computer City or from your local dealer. Prices are 149 euro for new users and 70 euro for registered users of Audio Evolution 3. A printed manual can be purchased separately for a small additional cost, although a manual in PDF format is already included in the package.

If you want to order Audio Evolution 4, then e-mail Computer City at:-


For people who haven't seen Audio Evolution 4 yet, there is a demo on their website:-

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