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Status Report from Atomic Digital Studios

Onno Scheffers of Atomic Digital Studies has revealed how well development has been progressing of Jami and Go For Goal. For over a year Onno Scheffers, along with Gabriel Hauber of Ghostdust have been working on these two Amiga Anywhere projects.

Their main project is Jami, a Java API containing Assembly written java classes for the Amiga Anywhere platform. This developer program makes it very easy for Java developers to use their favourite programming language and still get high performance and direct access to the low-level inner workings of Amiga Anywhere. According to Onno Scheffers, “Through Jami it is possible to directly use low-level objects -sprites for example- and add Java Mouse Listeners to them the way you are used to work with MouseListeners”. It is also possible to set up a low-level pixmap and directly access it's pixmap data through a normal Java int-array, allowing you to directly write into the pixmap's memory, which gives performance an enormous boost.

Go for Goal, which is their first game to use Jami, is a simple ice-hockey game inspired by an old Commodore64 title called "Hat trick". In this game you control two players - one who tries to get the puck to the opponent's goal and hit it in, and the other is your goalie. At present large parts of the game are being rewrote to support more resolutions and to work with a keyboard/ keypad. Once development has finished Go For Goal will run on PDA's, Cellphones and other mobile devices capable of running Amiga Anywhere content.

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