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Delivery from Amiga Development India expected

A number of titles from Amiga Development India (formerly Ruksun Software) have appeared in the shop on the Amiga Inc website. It is likely that these titles are destined for Amiga Anywhere which should greatly improve the current line-up which mainly features entertainment titles. It remains to be seen whether the AmigaOS will benefit from some of these productivity tools and utilities.

Scotty FTP is a fully multi-threaded graphical FTP client for Windows CE. You can connect to any FTP server, and upload or download files with a single tap. It is small, fast and fully compliant with the FTP specification (RFC 959).

Telnet Force is a telnet client for Windows CE with VT-100 emulation support. You can connect to a remote system and carry out various operations like checking mail messages, transferring files or talking to another person. Using Telnet Force, you can connect to any TCP port, scrollback to view text that has rolled off the screen and configure the font that you wish to use.

News Force is an offline newsreader for Windows CE. If you're an avid newsgroups fan, own a mobile device and are always on the move, this is just right for you. You can subscribe to specific newsgroups and download selected articles to your Handheld or Palm-size PC. These articles can then be viewed offline even when you're not connected to the Internet. The Palm-size PC version features an optimized UI for the smaller screen resolution.

Using News Force you can read news articles from all your favorite USENET newsgroups. You can compose, reply and forward messages offline; these messages will then be sent the next time you connect up to the Internet. News Force also provides some snazzy features like the Quick Preview window that allows a user to quickly access the most important information in a message at a glance. News Force provides a threaded display of news articles and is fully compliant with the Internet News specification (RFC 977).

IMAP Force is an first e-mail client for Windows CE that supports the IMAP4 protocol. It is designed to let a busy mobile user quickly browse through his/her most important messages, without having to download either the entire message or the large attachments. IMAP Force also allows the user to send mail messages using SMTP. IMAP Force is compliant with the IMAP4Rev1 specification (RFC 2060). IMAP Force also supports Quoted Printable encoding and non-ASCII text in headers (RFC 2047). The latest version of IMAP Force includes basic POP3 functionality, allowing users to access their POP3 accounts and perform simple mail operations.

Connect Force is an Internet Connection Wizard for Handheld PC, Palm-size PC and also for the Pocket PC. Connect Force helps you configure and setup your Internet settings through a set of simple dialog boxes. You only need to provide the login name, password, the Internet Service Provider and the place from where one is logging in. The ISP database which comes with Connect Force takes care of all other options that you have to otherwise enter to create a Remote Networking connection. Connect Force finally creates an icon on the desktop of your mobile device, making it convenient for you to get connected to the Internet.

Whack Force, the ultimate tool for mobile surfers, is an offline-browser that enables downloading web pages along with embedded images. Your experience while browsing these downloaded pages would be exactly as if you were connected to the Internet, it would of course be much faster and would save you valuable connect time charges. Whack Force facilitates offline browsing by allowing you to batch-download Web sites. To actually view these downloaded pages, you would have to use a Web browser like Pocket Internet Explorer.

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