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The first wave of AmigaDE games for AmigaAnywhere are available from the AmigaAnywhere shop. Please remember that AmigaDE games are being worked on for a number of hardware devices - cell phones, PDAs, STBs, and desktops. Anywhere Players are currently available for Windows and Linux while AmigaAnywhere Players for AmigaOS 4, PocketPC, EPOC, Palm, and WinCE are still in development.
Title Description Developer Date of Release
BOMB! 2D top-down racer Spejs Electronic Entertainment
BrainTeaser: the furry edition Tetris style puzzle game QT/ Kaliko
Casino Game Pack Various
Crossword Evolution Combining the best features of `pen and paperí crosswords with the power, portability and convenience of digital products Zeoneo
Eric Schwartz Puzzles Addictive puzzle game starring Amy and Sabrina Technomages/ E.S. Productions (Released)
Gems 2 Puzzle game Gabriel J. Hauber
Gods of War Space combat sim Laser Beams & Particle Streams Software
Go for Goal Ice hockey Gabriel J. Hauber/ Atomic Digital Studios
Inga Gaming system, which provides everything required by developers for the creation of classic graphical adventure games Inutilis/ Sultan Systems & Software (Released)
Insomnia Puzzle game Light Elements Software
Invasion Arcade action shoot'em up Zeoneo
Kaliko Minigolf Minigolf Kaliko
Jackpot! Electronic Casino Lower Mars
Monster Madness Kaliko
Nac Atac Noughts and crosses game Kaliko
PDAng Pang clone Nexus Development
Planet Zed Classic-style shoot'em up Zeoneo (Released)
Peg It Puzzle style game Epic Interactive
Quingle A good old retro with modern design - maze/ platform game Pagan Games
Series One Game Pack Includes Planet Zed, Solitaire, Gobbler, and Convex Various/ Amiga (Released)
Series Two Game Pack Includes Blobula, Word Search, Lexical IQ, and Crossword Evolution Various/ Amiga (Released)
SpeccyDE ZX Spectrum emulator Ian Gledhill
SmackE AmigaDE ZEE4
Word Me Up Arcade/ reflection type game with multi-scrolling Glames

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