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Amiga Inc Deliver Amiga Club T-Shirts

Amiga users around the world awoke to a rather pleasant surprise as the long-awaited Club T-Shirts have been delivered. One club member named Paul Heams said, “Hey what's this I'm wearing? A tent? No slightly larger than that! It's an Amiga T-Shirt! It's massive, but who cares - it arrived!”

In the year 2002 many Amiga users paid $50 US dollars for a coupon, which entitled users to a discount on AmigaOS 4 and an Amiga Club T-shirt. Following the takeover of Amiga Inc by KMOS last year it was generally felt that the new owners would not be obliged to honour old obligations. However, Garry Hare of KMOS Inc pledged to look into the matter of the Amiga Club T-shirts, and finally a few months later they have delivered the T-shirts to users across the world. Garry Hare, CEO of KMOS and Amiga Inc said, “It's about time, isn't it?”

In related news, Amiga Inc revealed that club members in America would have to wait a week or two for their t-shirts to arrive.

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