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Amiga Anywhere in the News

Amiga Anywhere has been released for PocketPC, but who knows about it, in what way is the announcement being presented and what have been the reactions? Following a brief spin around the PDA sites, Amiga Flame presents you with the answers.

PocketPC Thoughts
In the Forum section a user reported that the AA Entertainment Pack was about to be released on the 15th of April. Most users on the forum were disappointed that the Pack was not released on time but one gamer remained upbeat, stating, “I'd buy it just for Planet Zed. That's one Xerious looking game”.

Pocket Gamer
The article posted on the AA Entertainment Pack was packed with details about Amiga Anywhere and included a screenshot of hit game, Planet Zed. There were over twenty forum posts regarding the news article with many readers asking questions about the capabilities of AA but also asking for reviews. For example one PDA gamer asked, “Can anyone tell us what the games are like, that is to say are the graphics/ speed/ gameplay any good?”

The article on the AA Entertainment Pack was well presented, providing readers with screenshots of the games included and details on the AA Content Engine. Although the person who posted the news article also included that they were unable to download the Pack, as there were problems with the web site. LudiPocket also reported the news that AA is to be included with Sendo Z100 Smart Phone.

The AA Entertainment Pack has also been covered by PocketPC Newswire, PocketPC Invasion and Wired Guy.

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