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Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack is Out

This week Amiga Inc finally released the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack for PocketPC devices.

This Pack includes the all important AA Content Engine, which allows AmigaDE software to work on devices using Windows Powered Pocket PC's, PocketPC Phone Edition, Microsoft Windows CE 3.0, and CE.Net devices such as handheld PDAs from Compaq, Fujitsu, NEC, Legend, Hewlett Packard, Casio, Toshiba and Audiovox as well as the mmO2 XDA phone. The Pack also includes some games such as Gobbler, Solitaire, Convex and the hit AmigaDE game of 2001, Planet Zed.

The AA Entertainment Pack is available for download at a price of $29.95 US Dollars, while Game Card versions are available for $49.95 (Compact Flash), or $59.95 (Secure Digital) for US gamers only.

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