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Amiga Inc Re-Affirm Their Commitment to AmigaAnywhere

The launch of the new Amiga Inc website brought mixed emotions this week as a flurry of announcements were pending. Many users welcomed the news that KMOS Inc has formally changed its name to Amiga Inc, while their commitment to AmigaAnywhere technology provoked mixed emotions.

Amiga Inc re-affirmed their commitment to AmigaAnywhere technology as they launched a new version of the multimedia engine, new developer tools, and a range of new products. In regard to development tools, a partnership with Omniscience will allow Amiga Inc to bundle an Eclipse based development environment with its new Amiga SDK. New products will include AmigaAnywhere smartcards that deliver rich media content directly to users of PocketPC and SmartPhones.

Some Amiga users have been critical that AmigaAnywhere appears to be the company's key strategic focus. There is disappointment that the AmigaOS does not receive much coverage on the new website, which has led users to question how much interest Amiga Inc really has in AmigaOS 4. However, other Amiga users believe the company has already demonstrated an interested in the future development of the AmigaOS. The website stills boasts an AmigaOS section, and statements on the website would seem to suggest that they will protect the Amiga OS.

The most stinging criticism is focused on the way AmigaAnywhere has been presented to the public. A South African Amiga user pointed out that although Amiga Inc claim AmigaAnywhere can “run hosted on a wide variety of operating systems” it is only available to a handful – Windows based systems and Linux. Claims on their website that AmigaAnywhere “is the world's premier provider of multimedia enabling technologies” also came in for ridicule, for one user asked; “Does anybody actually know anybody using an Amiga DE product? How many of your colleagues have heard of Amiga DE?” It would appear that Amiga Inc has much work to do if it is to convince users and developers that the potential of AmigaAnywhere will be realized.

It should be pointed out that the desire of Amiga Inc to target the mobile and handheld market appears to have been timed well. A recent article by the BBC revealed that start-up developers are being encouraged to create software for mobile phones and handheld consoles as these markets continue to grow significantly. Amiga Inc will have to court the support of the handheld developer community and hardware vendors, if they are to establish a foothold.

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