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In what is seen as a marketing move Amiga Inc has renamed the AmigaDE Player to Amiga Anywhere. It is thought that the original name did not properly convey what was essentially being offered to users. Vince Pfeifer, a Vice President at Amiga Inc explained the change in more detail; “The concept of the Player was that you could access and run AmigaDE content from Windows and Linux systems. With the upcoming addition of support for more devices, we at Amiga felt that conveying the message of having the same binary applications running on multiple devices was easier with a name like Amiga Anywhere”.

Amiga Inc also set up the Amiga Anywhere web site aimed at new markets such as PDAs, set-top boxes, cell phones, as well as traditional desktop systems. Amiga Anywhere for Windows and Linux can be purchased from the site and there is a selection of software titles. According to Vince Pfeifer, “you will be seeing some community based programs coming to this site in the near future, all revolving around Amiga Anywhere”.

Some Amiga users have been critical of the fact that some Amiga browsers have difficulties viewing the site. However, Amiga Inc have responded by stating that they will produce a site that caters to the existing Amiga browser capabilities with similar community goals as the Amiga-Anywhere site but with some additional functionality.

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